What a difference a day makes?

The whole world is facing difficult times. Therefore, many of you don’t have words to announce a better season to come. Maybe you find yourself between despair and anguish; looking back to the ghosts from the past, and terrified with the bad imaginations from the future.

But I am here today, speaking from Brazil to ignite hope in your hearts and souls. How is that possible? It is possible, because I believe in a God who is in charge of the entire universe. He is not controlled by the laws of economy or politics. He is above your problems, above your enemies…. He is absolutely above all.

Don’t you ever think you are an outcast from his love. Jesus loves you! He is always among the hopeless…. He is always ready to save!
The same way he provided healing to the sick, food to those in starvation, life to the dead, he is here today to touch, and transform your situation.

I started this article asking: “What a difference a day makes?”.

A day makes a huge difference, when you surrender your life to Christ.
It all begins with an initial act of faith on the part of someone in need of a miracle.
To the man at the Pool of Bethesda, he said: “Take up your bed, and walk”.
To the blind man, he said: “Go wash in the pool of Siloam”.
To Peter, when he waked on the water, he said: “step out of the boat”.

What about you? What is Jesus asking you to do today?
Remember, this day can make a difference for your entire life!

By Lamartine Posella

A nossa guerra de cada dia

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